Janelle Liu

年齡: 17
出生地點: 加拿大
身高: 5'7.5"
體重: 120 Ibs
三圍: 32”/25”/36”
學歷: 高中
職業: 學生
語言: 英語、國語
星座: 獅子座
興趣: KPOP舞蹈、作詞作曲、演戲、攝影、寫作、心理學、做義工

Age: 17
Place of Birth: Canada
Height: 5’7.5”
Weight: 120 lbs
Measurement: 32”/25”/36”
Education: High School
Occupation: Student
Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin
Horoscope: Leo
Hobbies: K-pop dancing, photography, composing music, acting, volunteering, learn about psychology

1. 最能令你放鬆的活動是甚麼?


2. 你有哪些人細鬼大的行為?

我喜歡閱讀實體版的報紙。 儘管有不少人認為這個行為已經過時,但我仍然喜歡報紙的質感和氣味。

3. 選擇題:大海或山嶺,為甚麼有這個選擇?


4. 你會選擇哪種顏色來形容自己?


5. 最能讓你認識一個人的是? (例如: 言談、相處時的感覺、行為舉止等方面)


6. 你認為人與人之間的緊密關係最重要是依靠甚麼來維繫?


7. 你最喜歡的節日傳統是?


8. 你最喜歡的香味是…


9. 假如有一個水晶球可以告訴你任何事情,你想透過它知道些甚麼?(例如:未來的職業、未來的愛情生活、彩票號碼…)


10. 假設你要從書本、電影或電視劇集中選擇一位與你相似的角色,你會選擇哪位?為甚麼?

我會選擇《麥田捕手》(The Catcher in the Rye) 中的主角,Holden Caufield,因為他展現了青少年所經歷的迷茫和困擾,讓我在閱讀的過程中不斷產生共鳴。

1. What is your comfort activity?

For me, delving in to the dramatic arts, such as dancing and singing, acts as my comfort activity. During the process, I am able to fully express myself as well as my current mood.

2. What “old person” things do you do?

I enjoy reading the physical copy of the newspaper. Though many say they are becoming obsolete, I still enjoy the physical feel and smell of newspapers.

3. Oceans or mountains? Why?

I would choose oceans as it does not limit one’s imagination. While there is only a limited view on mountain tops, in the oceans, if one closes their eyes and floats in the water freely, they are able to see their own imaginary world.

4. What color would you choose to describe yourself?

I would choose the color purple to describe myself. To me, purple symbolizes independence, mysteriousness, and elegance, which are characteristics that I thrive to possess.

5. What tells you most about a person? (example: the way one talks, how one behaves when you’re with them, their behaviours, etc)

How often one smiles tells me the most about a person. The universal expression of emotional states that people all around the world show happiness by smiling. By how often one smiles, I can tell whether they are willing to socialize or whether they are optimistic.

6. What do you think is important to building and maintaining a strong connection between people?

I believe that understanding is the most important part of maintaining a strong connection between people. It is easier and more effective to solve potential issues when people are standing in others’ perspectives.

7. What is your favourite holiday tradition?

My favourite holiday tradition is exchanging gifts during Christmas! It is a tradition full of surprises and further building of relationships.

8. What’s your favourite scent?

My favourite scent is the smell of food as it is so soothing and relieving; it also ties in that becoming a foodie has always been a childhood dream of mine!

9. If a crystal ball could tell you anything, what would you want to know? (example: future career, future love life, lottery numbers…)

I want to know what kind of relationship I am in with people that are currently close to me, for I would like to, based on how they treat me, decide on how much effort I should put in our relationship.

10. If you had to pick any character in a book, movie, or TV show who is most similar to you, who would you choose? Why?

I would pick Holden Caufield in “The Catcher In the Rye”, as Holden is a character that reflects all potential obstacles that a teenager has to face in the process of growing up. I often feel connected to him while reading the novel.